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                                  In their words

                                  Energy Efficiency Director,
                                  South East Asia, Singapore

                                  What was your background prior to joining Schneider Electric?

                                  I had been Research & Development Manager of the National Science & Technology Board of the Singapore government, then Executive Director at K. S. Lee & Associates, a firm specialised in energy efficiency solutions and projects.

                                  What brought you to join Schneider Electric?

                                  Schneider Electric was looking for a partner with the necessary expertise to develop performance-based energy efficiency solutions. A joint-venture was established with K.S. Lee & Associates and we soon became a department of Schneider Electric. Now, I work on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
                                  I have recently completed many renewable energy training courses (technical and business development) in particular solar energy and wind energy.

                                  Why develop energy efficiency in South East Asia?

                                  The increasing awareness and demand for energy efficiency solutions is bound to be a long-term trend. Schneider Electric has a key part to play in the market, and there are sales to generate by offering power monitoring and other solutions, products and services. Renewable energy business can be another future major area of focus for Schneider Electric in Asia Pacific.

                                  What’s the biggest challenge in such a pioneering field?

                                  It is a relatively new business and customers don’t easily believe we can achieve 10% to 20% energy savings. Often, they’re afraid we will reduce their useful operational energy. So, it takes significant time to convince them otherwise. It’s a rewarding experience for those who dare to take on new challenges in uncharted territory.

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