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                                  Terms and Agreements online recruitment


                                  Schneider Electric has set up an online recruitment system. You need to agree to the terms and conditions below before proceeding to the job search function.



                                  The parties interested (hereinafter referred to as "the applicants") in the job offers found on Schneider Electric's HR Web site may file an application.
                                  The application generally consists of a set of documents, such as a resume and/or a cover letter.
                                  The application is submitted in a dedicated area accessed via a login and password.
                                  In submitting their application for a position, Applicants must provide personal information. The said information is specially-protected, in line with the provisions of the January 6th, 1978 Modified Act 78-17 on Data Processing and Freedom.
                                  Ever-intent on protecting personal privacy, Schneider Electric has set out a personal data protection policy in compliance with French law, which prevails in that the Group's headquarters are located on French soil.
                                  Our commitment:

                                  1. Applicants Personal Data Protection

                                  Schneider Electric commits to upholding and enforcing the rules regarding the personal data protection of individuals with regard the provisions of the January 6th, 1978 Act on Data Processing and Freedom.
                                  At this regard, Schneider Electric has put into place, the March 16th, 2007, a Personal Data Protection Committee (hereinafter referred as "the Committee". The Committee strives to ensure that all personal data in Schneider Electric are constantly under protection.
                                  Schneider Electric makes the commitment to take all necessary precautions to secure and preserve the confidentiality of the personal information given by the applicants.
                                  This confidential obligation implies that no third party to the recruitment process can directly or indirectly access to the applicants personal information.

                                  2. The Purpose of Data Collection

                                  Schneider Electric commits to using and storing the personal data collected in the recruitment system solely for recruitment purposes.
                                  In the event that Schneider Electric should call on third parties to process job applications, in the name of and on behalf of Schneider Electric Group, the said third parties shall commit, by signing a Confidentiality Agreement, to:

                                  • Complying with the standards in effect with regard to personal data protection;
                                  • Protecting confidentiality of the personal data;
                                  • Respecting the purpose sought.

                                  3. Type of Personal Data Collected

                                  Personal data are defined as information which allows to identify the applicants and which might make it possible to contact them. These include:

                                  • Surnames and names;
                                  • Addresses;
                                  • The telephone or fax numbers;
                                  • The email addresses;
                                  • Or any information making it possible to identify applicants.

                                  Schneider Electric will only collect the personal data regarding the applicants, aside from that which they provide themselves. This means that applicants will be free to choose not to communicate personal data. However, in that event, it is important to note that if the information is essential to processing the request, their request may not be processed.

                                  4. Personal Data storing period

                                  Schneider Electric commits to storing personal data for a limited term, in proportion with the purpose for which they have been provided.
                                  Indeed, personal data given by the applicants will be stored for a maximum of two years.

                                  5. Communication of the applicants personal data to the Schneider Electric's subsidiaries

                                  Schneider Electric is a global company and the data collected through the Schneider Electric Human Resources Website may be sent to all of its subsidiaries across the world. To this end, the applicant has to expressly agree to this. The applicant shall be asked to check a box and, thereby, state his agreement.

                                  6. Cookies

                                  The use of cookies shouldn't pose a security problem as they are in memory only and are thus not accessible on the hard drive and are immediately torn down with the browser session.

                                  7. Exercising Access, correct or remove rights of the personal data

                                  Any individual filing an application via Schneider Electric's HR Web site shall be automatically allocated a "Personal Résumé Page".
                                  To access the "Personal Résumé Page", he/she shall have an identification and a password chosen by the individual upon registration. In the event he or she loses his identification name and password, he/she may locate them quickly on the site by clicking on the Login Help link found in the "Login identification area". He/she will then be sent an e-mail containing the password.
                                  Applicants may exercise their right to access, correct or remove data collected, as follows:
                                  Access Right: All information, in particular copies of personal data collected in the present data treatment may be provided to applicants who exercise their access rights. A copy of the nominative data is provided free-of-charge to the applicant on condition that the said demand is not clearly unreasonable. At this effect, the applicant has to contact the Webmaster;
                                  Correct Right: The applicant has to be connected to the Personal Résumé Page. Then, the applicant can make all of the changes wanted online;
                                  Remove Right: The applicant has to send a request at this effect to the Webmaster.
                                  Any questions regarding this document may be sent in by e-mail to the following address: