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                                  Notations & Indexes

                                  The commitments made by Schneider Electric in favour of Sustainable Development are analysed by the principal notation offices and agencies.

                                  • ASPI Eurozone Index

                                  The Advance Sustainable Performance Indices’s Eurozone listing tracks the financial performance of 120 leading euroland sustainability performers from the DJ Euro Stoxx benchmark financial universe. Schneider Electric has been included since 2001. Vigeo ratings are used to select the listed stocks, in keeping with ASPI Eurozone® guidelines.

                                  • Dow Jones Index

                                  After being selected for the first time in 2002, Schneider Electric was included in 2007 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Word. This family of indices bases its decisions on research provided by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM), an independent asset manager headquartered in Switzerland.

                                  • Ethibel Investment Register

                                  Schneider Electric was included in the Ethibel Investment Register in 2005. This reference for socially responsible investing is used by a growing number of European banks, fund managers and institutional investors.

                                  Target for 2008:

                                  - Be included in the four major socially responsible investment index families