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    The history of Telemecanique

    Throughout its history, Telemecanique by Schneider Electric pursued a policy of innovation, becoming the leading global specialist in automation management and control.

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    Telemecanique invented the first contactor in 1924 and quickly expanded its business to become a leading provider of products and solutions for industrial control and automation.

    Milestone Dates

    • Michel le Goullec acquires Manufacture d’Appareillage Electrique in Nanterre, France. In 1928 the company becomes Télémécanique Electrique.
    • The company initiates a pioneering social policy that offers many employee benefits, long before they were mandated by law.
    • Telemecanique enters an agreement with Merlin Gerin to rationalize production.
    • The company opens subsidiaries in Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Denmark and the US.
    • Telemecanique opens subsidiaries in Africa, South America and Asia. It develops popular mini computers for industrial control.
    • The company develops new, important technology, most notably the Altivar frequency inverters and TSX programmable logic controlers.
    • Schneider Electric acquires Telemecanique. The brand continues its development and technological innovation.
    • Telemecaniques's QuickFit technology is developed enabling connections without tools or cables.
    • Telemecanique products, services, and solutions migrate to the Schneider Electric brand as its Automation and Control offer.

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