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      Inversiones sustentables

    Energy Access funds: projects that take action

    Within Access to Energy, Schneider Electric created the Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) impact-investing fund. It supports small and medium companies with innovative energy access solutions.

    The company also supports the Energy Access Ventures Fund that will invest of €60 million to transform lives and stimulate economic development across Africa by providing access to electricity for a million people. This fund is jointly backed by Schneider Electric, CDC Group, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), European Investment Bank, FISEA-PROPARCO, OFID, and AFD-FFEM.
    • Fondo de inversión para acceso a la energía

      Lanzado en conjunto con cinco asociados, el Fondo de acceso a la energía transformará vidas y estimulará el desarrollo en África, entregando soluciones de acceso a la electricidad. Su objetivo es beneficiar a un millón de personas para 2020.

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    • Ayudamos a construir vidas mejores

      Chênelet ofrece puestos de trabajo a los más desventajados, construyendo viviendas eficientes y amigables con el ambiente. El Fondo de acceso a la energía de Schneider Electric participa en la construcción de ecoviviendas sociales.

      Since 2009, Schneider Electric Energy Access fund has invested on the following companies

      France (2011)

      Caisse solidaire
      Nord Pas-de-Calais
      Social Savings and Loans to create jobs and social, environmental or cultural activities.

      Foncière Chênelet
      Social eco-housing, integration of unemployed people into the labour market.

      Solasyst - LVD Energy
      (ex-La Varappe)
      Integration into the working world. SEEA contributes to the sustainable construction activity

      Financial and technical support to local micro-financing structures, in emerging countries.

      Support of businesses creation in France through micro-finance. SEEA contributes with specific focus on electricians.

      International (2011-2014)

      East Africa (2013)
      Pay-as-you-go solar energy solution for households and small businesses distributed through mobile operators.

      One Degree Solar
      Kenya (2013)
      Plug-and-play solar system for households and small businesses.

      West Africa (2013)
      Pay-as-you-go solar decentralised power station home and small businesses sized.

      Simpa Networks
      India (2012)
      Pay-as-you-go solar systems for households and small businesses.

      Senegal (2011)
      Solar irrigation and products for rural population.


      Tanzania (2014)
      SunFunder, a  financing company that specializes in companies seeking to increase energy access in emerging countries

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